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2013 Nominees          Awards Submissions          Awards Ballot

All registered members of the 2011 World Fantasy Convention in California, the 2012 World Fantasy Convention in Canada and the 2013 event in Brighton are eligible to vote before the deadline. All nominated material must have been published in 2012 or have a 2012 cover date. Only living persons may be nominated. When listing stories or other material that may not be familiar to all the judges, please include pertinent information such as author, editor, publisher, magazine name and date, etc.

You may nominate up to five items in each category, in no particular order. You don't have to nominate items in every category but you must nominate in more than one. The items are not point-rated. The two items receiving the most nominations (except for those ineligible) will be placed on the final ballot. The remainder are added by the judges.

The awards will be presented at the World Fantasy Convention Banquet on the Sunday afternoon.

The voting closed after May 31, 2013.




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